Thursday, December 24, 2009

Avatar, Claire Wolfe Festivus and Golden Chains!

The Senate leads us into slavery, Christmas 2009!

The Redhead and I went for our final Christmas shopping. Seems late but we buy food, liquor and chocolate for folks and you can buy those until the moment you hear reindeer on the roof. (Heck, most folks got their Greenburg smoked turkeys days ago.) Then we ate on a wedding gift card at a swanky place for lunch. She bought me, (without revealing the price until it was too late), some expensive shoes. Last we went to see Avatar in 3D. The 3D was OK, though I had heard it was a pain. I forgot about it after a while. The movie is cliched and dumb, (about like the Star Wars with Jar-Jar in it), but really a hell of a shootout and technological feat. Fun to watch. Not as good as Dirty Harry but better than Dances with Wolves. Silverado level.
We came out in the dark and found ice on the back deck of her car.

I read that the Senate voted for health care for all of us before going home for Christmas! Maybe it will be a Claire Wolfe Festivus for the House and Senate while they are home! It DOES seem too late to work within the system but I'm not sure it's too early celebrate traditional American Values! I'm at least going to encourage Texas House and Senate members to sharpen up their pens and get a better a deal for their votes than Nebraska and Louisiana got for theirs. Texans ought to enjoy medicare set-asides, freedom from Federal Taxes and the right to secede by popular vote as a precondition to voting ourselves into slavery. If we aren't going to be free we at least ought to insist on golden chains!

Update: This guy gets it!

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