Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Friends: the Fatwa and HONORARY Texan of the Day!

Some government lists had him, some didn't. Waltzed through security. Nearly got on the ground in Detroit. Like a dozen times before everything failed except the guy a couple of seats over who decided to beatabutta.

TSA, HSA, FBI, all that jazz, just show tunes to make us think they are doing something. Now they will double down and you will only be able to take ONE ounce of liquid on board and plastic toenail clippers only! They will be especially hard screening for people in wheelchairs! They will all get raises to promote professionalism! But the threat level will remain Orange and we'll have to listen to twice as many announcements asking us: "Did someone put something in your luggage.......without your knowledge?" (Well....yes.....a TSA circular was stuffed in amongst my undermawears.)

Islam delenda est.

The Passenger that clamored over several folks to get at him: Jasper Schuringa, Honorary Texan of the Day!

Update: He's Dutch and has seen this Muslim stuff before!

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Old NFO said...

Good on him! He saved at least 175 people!