Friday, December 11, 2009

The Cannons cannot hide.

Dahlgren cannon from the Civil War USS Westfield.

Update: Sorry about the helicopter pig hunting link. I left it, because if the South had bacon supplied by helicopter pig hunting they would have won the war. Don't laugh, two Confederate Cotton Clad boats ran the Westfield aground. No word on the use of banjos in Texas nautical combat, but you can bet that they were there.

More USS Westfield. Cannon and artifacts going to the Conservation lab at Texas A&M.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting archeological work and the aerial pig hunting was something too. How large is the feral pig population? Those are sure some big porkers.

Old NFO said...

Too bad Frank wasn't on it, there would have been a LOT less misses :-) Interesting too about the Westfield!