Monday, November 7, 2011

Walking Dead anti-gun idiocy.

First, lets ban guns on our property because....well, just because we need to warn folks that we are mentally ill, even if we seem older, wiser, experienced, et. First they were rare and hard to find....(in Georgia...riiiiiight.). Now they are just....bad. Bad, bad, bad, bad guns. Never mind that they are the only tool...oh heck. I won't even continue that rant. Bad guns!

Then let's lower one of our most valuable folks on a hemp rope down a well containing a zombie to rodeo him out....somehow. It will work out.

Then let's continue all characters slobbering in introspection and existencial angst. No wonder the little girl split to hide out and eat sardines. It would take a week of that to get the taste of this bunch of losers out of your mouth.

Uncleanche! Thanks!

Seriously, when are we going to see the episode where they cross paths with the three chicks and one gay guy who set up machine guns on a roof, crank up the classic rock and strobe lights and mow down zombies while drinking tequilla shots and dancing all night, then climb their 4-WD Ramchargers over the mounds of bodies to do it again?

When asked why one of them, a spandex blonde who prefers a M249 belt-fed, blinks and says: "They're rotting to pieces in front of our eyes. This isn't going to last forever, you know!"

The one-handed guy shows up and the gay guy shoots him graveyard dead as he utters his first sentence.

This sorry sad sequel could ROCK, if the writers weren't mentally ill.


Bob said...

I talk about it over at my place, too. The easiest solution to the zombie-in-the-well quandary was to have Daryl shoot it with the crossbow. The bolt stays in the wound, so minimal pollution of the well water. Then just winch him up.

Robert, what do you think of the idea of using .22LR as a zombie-killing cartridge? At less than 50 yards, it should have enough velocity to penetrate a human skull, shouldn't it? And it's relatively quiet for a firearm, and you can fit 500 rounds in a package not much bigger than a box of shotgun shells.

Crotalus (Don't Tread on Me) said...

Well, I ain't Robert, Bob, but that's been MY thinkin' ever since I found out about this zombie thing. One other thing about .22 LRs: >22s are great in the (erstwhile) human head, and coming out of a rifle, they'll have extra velocity. Since a head shot is the only thing that will put them down, and the relative quiet (of the rifle, anyway) means less of them drawn to sound, and the fact that you can carry scads of them without too much effort, they're the best for this work.

ASM826 said...

Here's my rant:

I'd much rather watch your team with the machine guns.

Robert Langham said...

Screw backing down. How many could five shooters with a rack of ARs and unlimited 30 round mags put down from a secure position? Make noise? Heck yeah. Please come and bring all your rotting friends. Make them climb the pile.

Robert Langham said...

.22 Any redneck in post-apocolypse Georgia is going to have several suppressed firearms.

I'm not sure .22 is the round. You have to break up the brain stem and it's down in there a bit.

JD said...

Larry Correia put this quote at the beginning of his book, "Monster Hunter International".

"You know what the difference between me and you really is? You look out there and see a horde of evil, brain-eating zombies. I look out there and see a target-rich environment."
Dillis D. Freeman, Jr.:

Firehand said...

With a .22, I was thinking the Aguila SSS ammo; that 60-grain bullet ought to have plenty of penetration for human skulls

Anonymous said...

Well I guess it wasnt set in post-apocalypse Kennesaw, Georgia, was it?

Shotgun, although loud is the best choice provided carrying weight of ammo is not a factor. Just have to change tactics to contain the sound.