Wednesday, November 16, 2011

AIM K31s and older Swiss rifles.

AIMSurplus has a new shipment of Swiss rifles. Seems like they have every model. Always wanted a 1911 but I do have many old rifles already. Hard to justify another one. My K31 has won all the vintage stuff that can be won, so I doubt I would switch. Fun to look at though....


Paul said...


You don't need no stink'en justification!

Life is short Robert... I used to own a 1911 swiss carbine when I was 18 a century ago or so.

Very good shooter. But 7.5 was migthy hard to find back then. Norma was it and Norma ammo never has been cheap!

ASM826 said...

I have one of each. Don't shoot them as much as the U.S. stuff, but good accurate rifles. The K11 shoots the same ammo as the K31s. My K11 has had sporter sights mounted. Makes it less valuable, I suppose, but it's a shooter and I didn't do it, it came to me that way.