Sunday, November 20, 2011

Daily Deercam.

Little buck on the cam at 10:07.

I'm along at 10:13.

Walked a huge circle around the bottom checking sign and was in several places I haven't set foot in years. The drought still has the creeks very low and the deer can cross the creeks and tributaries where normally, they don't. Great trees down the bottom. There is a giant pine and an oak that would be some kind of a record. Need to move a few tree seats around and hunt the far side more.

Used a mapquest aerial photo printed off the net. It was very up-to-date. Photo taken in the last six months. The digital revolution is here. I want a drone with thermal imaging broadcast capabilities so I can find the deer every morning.

Deer moving at mid-day. I was six minutes behind a little year and a half old buck on the cam across the creek.

Took Sunday morning off and drank coffee at Cafe Tazza with my wonderful wife. 73 degrees. In the summer, this would be chilling. Feels muggy instead.


Old NFO said...

We were down in Mexia, trying for hogs, it was 81!!! Sigh...

Paul said...

Cafe Tazza?

Isn't that the yuppie place behind the mall?

Never been there. I guess I'm just and old G.I. coffee drinker (plain coffee that is.)

David said...

You don't keep company with a prize like Robert's redhead by treating her to GI Coffee. Not for long, anyway. :o)