Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Night.

Across the creek to rattle and sit in a really terrible stand. Awful ergonomics. It's like double-left-handedness. Even the screw in steps up force you off to one side. Needs adjusting all over. Hard to get in and out and not comfortable when you do. Luckily, all the stuff to fix it is already in the tree. Board, hammer, nails. If I do.

Low batts so nothing on the cam but no corn left either. Great place to hunt but they have to come right to you. Site is right below the tree. Pistol range. Sat until darkness fell and waited until the moonshine was stronger than the night and walked out in the gloaming. It really IS a black and white landscape at night. You just see the big shapes and outlines. Traversed out of the thick brush across the bottom, treaded the pixie-sticked fallen pines and up over the old indian village. Jumped a deer off the other old camera site/scrape in the darkness and they thumped and crashed.

Saturday morning the neighbors shot once. Someone East of the Loop 49 construction shot twice, then once more. Probably a young buck circling back. They did the same thing this morning. A young, dumb buck AND an unzeroed rifle. Or yanking the trigger in the grips of buck fever.

4th hunt of the season. First weekend is over.


Old NFO said...

Sorry y'all have had so little luck...

Anonymous said...

Full moon is screwing with us as is the ready availability of their all-time favorite food, acorns!

We are boned until the acorns run out, freeze or get wet enough to spoil.