Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Daily Deercam

Sitting in the tree while rainstorms blew in and out. I was on the dry side. That helped. Damp by the time I came off after 10. Nothing but some squirrel squabbling. The big squirrel wins. (Moral: Don't just support the right to arm bears. Squirrels need guns too!)

Bucks on the two cams near me. They are moving around. Nothing big enough to shoot but, like Bigfoot, they are out there, somewhere...

The decoy busy decoying. Nothing seen it yet, but every time they saw it last year they reacted. Maybe I should pull the horns.

In the rain.

View from the tree. You can see the big scrape. Decoy is under the oak at the top right. Decoy can be seen by a pasture I can't see.

Ruger in the tree. Had to pull the sock off to dry everything out when I came in today.

Little buck was at the gamecam when Sneed and I walked in Sunday morning. We saw the flash going off.

OK buck on the cam just off the hilltop.

Doe in the scrape.

Raining hard right now. Glad to be home and drying out.

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