Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cousin Wallace surveys deer guns.

My 7X57 Mauser single shot Ruger in the tree.

Wallace put out an email asking about deer rifle selections. Here's the result:

Whew! This turned into a can-o-worms to keep up with...but it was fun! Some folks did an admirable job of listing all the details I had originally asked for, others left out a lot of stuff which made for a less than complete survey. Nonetheless, I gathered some interesting data to share with ya'll. A total of 38 hunter's info was collected. Several listed more than one rifle they intended to use so the numbers dont always come out right on my listings. Like I said, it got confusing. Some neglected to list the scopes they were using but it seems Leupold was the most often listed with 3 X 9 models also the most popular. Just about all other brands were listed with Nikon making a strong argument for being 2nd most popular.

Rifle action type was very one-sided bolt action (no surprise there) with a few autos, pumps, levers and a couple of single-shots too.

Rifle brands were likewise not always listed but of those listed Remington was the most popular with 19, of which 9 were Rem M700's. (Rem 721, 722, M7, 760 also listed). Ruger and Savage tied with 5 each listed. Only 3 M70 Winchesters (might have been more but they werent specified). Two Steyrs and one each for FN, TC, Mossberg and Weatherby.

As for calibre, not surprisingly the old .30-06 Springfield was tops with 11 listing it. The great old .270 Win was next with 9. The .243 Win was third with 6. Five hunters used the .223 Rem (a couple mentioned only for wild hogs in an AR15). Tied with 2 each were the .257 Roberts, 7mm-08 Rem, and .30-30 Win. There were a bunch of calibres mentioned only once. Those include: 6mm PPC, 6mm Rem, 6.8SPC, .250-3000 Sav, .25-06 Rem, 7X57 Mauser, .280 Rem, 7mm Rem Mag, .300 Rem SAUM, .300 Win Short Mag, .300 Weatherby Mag, .32 Win Special and 12 ga slug. Surprisingly, no one listed any muzzle loaders...and that's OK as I didnt ask for ML stuff.

Well folks, thanx for all the help and I hope ya'll enjoy seeing what others use in the happy hunting grounds. I was surprised at the lack of magnums. Although it's mostly silly to think you need a magnum to slay a whitetail, if thats what you like, then by all means use one. I know there are quite a few other folks out there using various magnums...or at least the 7mm Rem Mag used to be very popular. I also expected the .308 to be more popular. It too is used a lot, just not listed here. Variety makes for an interesting array of hunting rifles.

As for handguns, I got everything from 9mm Luger, .41 Mag, .45 ACP & .44 Magnum....no real pattern.

I tried to keep up & not leave anyone out. If I did, it was unintentional. As always, I welcome your comments and thanx again for your participation.


Postscript: I love deer season because you get to DO something with a firearm. It is a lot like competition. You don't just have them to hang on the wall or stuff in a safe. You actually carry them around to USE. It's fun, going armed with some purpose.


Old NFO said...

LOL, every hunter is pretty much going to be different...

Tango said...

Wow! I'm amazed that not a single .308 made it into the list!

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to correllate shooters age against caliber choices. Probably would explain the .270 and 30-06. As for the .308 it is present, both the .243 win. and the 7mm-08 owe their design to a modified .308 win. case. And magnums? Who needs one for a whitetail deer? Truckloads have been killed by 30-30's and the .243 is such an efficient deer killer with the proper bullet selection it is almost like cheating out to 250 yards.


Will Brown said...

No offense to Cousin Wallace, but I "go" around Tyler "armed with some purpose" most days and places. No one else is suposed to see that I'm doing it is the thing. :)