Saturday, October 22, 2011

TSRA Garand, Springfield, M1 Carbine, Vintage Pistol LEG match weekend.

Half the weekend match already gone. They shot today in Terrell. I was fortunate enough to have a nice photo shoot but it cut the weekend in half for me. I won't be able to defend my current Texas Championships in Garand, Springfield 1903 and Vintage. Going to have to pick one or two. I'm most interested in the LEG match for pistol Distinguished points. After that, whatever is left. Got all four rifles prepped and sitting by the door.
The recently Distinguished Clay Hefner shot a nice 287 today with Garand. He's going to be back tomorrow along with Justin Utley. Utley and I have both won the National Vintage Rifle Championship at Camp Perry.
Shooting is never a sure thing. Could come home with nothing more than a sack of dusty brass. Going to be an interesting day at Terrell.


Old NFO said...

Regardless of what happens or doesn't, enjoy the time on the range :-)

Windy Wilson said...

Aww, missed it again, but it would have been a long drive from So Cal.
I'd have to go with John C. Garand. I haven't gotten any practice with the '03A3, and while my K-31 is completely legal for the Swiss nationals, the Fuerter sight and the linksriegl are not legal for the US vintage contests.