Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rifle and pistol sorting.

Loading a few rounds of .45 match, though I can't think of why. I took 115 round to Terrell and loaned or shot every single round. Mitchell Hogg and Dan Pate shot my pistol and ammo plus I loaned some out. By "loaned" I mean gave. Good for folks to shoot the match. Came back absolutely empty.

When I was loading and practicing the last few weeks, I remember looking at the couple of boxes of 100-count 230 grain Sierra FMJ MatchMasters and thinking I ought to be Distinguished before I shot it all up. Have about 75 FMJs left in a green Sierra box.

Using a scale, trickler and Harrel turrent press. Slow, but what else do you have to do? I run the ammo factory making one load or another all the time.

I didn't pick up any brass in the pistol match. It had been loaded a few times and was done. All Federal or Winchester range pickups. One round didn't have any powder and the primer drove the FMJ into the edge of the rifling of the barrel during the 50 yard slow-fire. (The symptom was that the bullet didn't seem to fire and then the next round wouldn't go into battery.) I punched away at it with a wooden dowel until someone handed me a brass rod and I beat it out with my stapler. The slug was still in the pistol box and the brass in the bullet box. I just resized, reprimed and reloaded it.

M1 Carbine back together. Might stay that way. Five rifles need cleaning.

Raining, reloading and watching the 6th game of the series. Thursday night in Tyler. Gun show this weekend.

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Enjoy the show Robert!