Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Daily Deercam

No deer on the cam. Just too many raccoons.

There are actually new scrapes opened up. The rut has started. I've had a few days of work but been trying to finish a tree stand and keep an eye on the woods. The weather was in the 40s this morning. First time. I guess the long horrible strange summer is over. It started off a little dry but with the hope of a mild season. Then Rick passed, the drought set in, the heat settled and a Hadley Cell sat on top of us from June to late September. We struggled with the loss of Rick but carried on through the worst economy and the worst weather of anyone's lifetime. It was an awful passage. Now I've lived long enough to almost see deer season again. Could be hunting now, with a bow or shooting doe tags with a rifle up North if I had a seconds time.

Armadillos chasing each other in the bottom. They were hopping and running circles all over the place. I guess the Armadillo rut is on. They have their litters in March or so.

Came across the powerline and saw movement on the far hilltop. The fence crossing the top was full of vultures. Must be a deer down up there or dead cow. Long hike across rough ground to find out.

Put one of the balky Moultries back out. It worked perfectly sitting beside the computer. The symptoms were: it wasn't loading photos to the card. I've heard complaints about that.

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