Monday, October 3, 2011

Photos from TSRA Service Rifle Championship.

Hefner tells a Junior IT team everything he a little more, during the Infantry Trophy Match on Friday.

Misty Skelton heads downrange during IT.

Clayton Rogers heads back.

Utley puts on another click of concentration during offhand.

Nez Rongero doesn't bother.

Karl Schultz's AR15.

Karl Schultz brings his rifle up in offhand during the championship. Karl came off the LEG match with another six points in his pocket.

Kim Fairchild keeps a close eye on the shooting by her husband and daughter.

Chris Chesley with his pack of pirates, cut-throats and ninjas. Plus the Rogers,the Hoggs and Robert Davis.

Match Director Ken Gaby ran the match with smooth precision.

Bailey Fairchild, on her way to Distinguished with 6 points.

Chris Chesley.

Justin Burns shoots offhand.

Bransom holds the end of the line.

Bransomness during the LEG match on Sunday.

The prettiest head in Texas.

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