Thursday, October 13, 2011

Daily Deercam.

Little 2 1/2 old. Related to one I shot last year.

In a couple of years he will be a monster.

Good looking little buck. Hope he makes it through the year. Right on the edge of legal width- antlers have to be as wide as the ears or 13 inches inside.

Here's a smart and experienced doe. No telling how old she is.

I don't think the deer and the raccoons get along.

The little 2 1/2 year old in the top three photos is related to this 3 1/2 old that I shot last year. Same overall antler makeup.

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Paul said...


You ever use one of those Plotwatcher video cameras?

Day 6 Outdoords makes them. Very interesting videos on Youtube with them.

And they make good surveillance cameras to. You can put them 100 yards from YOUR cameras and maybe find out just who is stealing your cameras!

Just a thought.