Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rat-Killing Cat

  Little gray mouse dead on the pavement yesterday at the foot of the front door.  I suspect my cat- though she is missing front claws due to previous owners.  I gave the mouse a Christian burial at sea- right into the creek with a handful of twigs.
  I need to add here, that Miss Kitty is GAME, even a bully to the other cats in the neighborhood, whether she is armed or not.  She's spayed, but it really IS the size of the fight in the cat, not the size of the cat in the fight.  She swaggers around and kicks butt.
  Last night I walked up behind Miss Kitty on the darkened sidewalk and snatched her up for a little head scrubbing.  She usually grunts and starts purring but instead she made a wheezing sound.  I scrubbed her a little but she didn't relax.  I put her down in the light.  Turned out she had another mouse in her mouth!
  Both missing this morning.  The nightly Raccoon patrol probably vacuumed them up.

  Update:  Flying Squirrel dead today.

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Unknown said...

Congratulations to Miss Kitty, she is doing what she was designed to do.