Monday, August 2, 2010

Presidents 100.

Cousin Wallace surfing the net outside the Mar-Lu.

Justin Utley and Kim Jenkins with his target from the Top-20 shootoff after the Presidents 100.

The top 20 competitors milling around after the shootoff.

Rick Crawford marks Justin's target for the audience as he fires on the line at 600 yards during the shootoff.

Keeping a long streak alive I missed the President's 100 by a point. Absolutely still conditions early at Viale Range at Camp Perry. I was squadded with TSRA Junior shooter Clayton Rogers, one of my favorite guys on the junior team. Shot badly standing, pretty well everywhere else with perfect wind calls. Lost one point, a nine, to the wind all day. Just didn't shoot well early in the dim morning light.
Justin Utley made the top 20 shootoff but didn't win. Fun to watch. David Keys bought everyone ice cream after dinner.

Tomorrow is the EIC/LEG match. I'm on Rodriegez Range, the preferable range which back up to the parking lot behind Commercial Row on target 12. Relay one. I'll be shooting first in the dim light again.

Karl says: Get Organized!

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Old NFO said...

Sorry to hear that Robert. Keep on shootin!