Sunday, August 22, 2010

Camp Perry.

Feet on the firing line before the National Team Trophy Match.

If I hadn't shelled out for a Macbook there wouldn't have been any direct posting from Camp Perry. The shops on Commercial Row didn't bring computers this year. (which makes sense, most folks have their own now.) The lousy wifi vastly slowed things down but all my posting I did get up was from my own computer.

Every year the matches change a little. Daunting to think how much they have changed in just ten years. We don't stand for sitting and prone rapid- you start off in position. We don't stay in huts but when you do you can put an air conditioner in the window. Young Range now has pop-ups and is unusable for High Power matches. Viale pits have been badly rebuilt. NRA matches are shrinking and CMP getting more crowded. Garands cost a grand but you can buy all you want. I'm certain the first years I came that we prepped rapid fires on the previous shooters target while he was getting his score.

Never rebuilt the messhall. Sorry I missed it. Good and cheap food. The head cook stood at the door and knocked hats off anyone entering with a cover.

On the other hand I'm certain we are shooting Infantry Trophy on the same lousy targets we shot at 10 years ago.


Anonymous said...

Here is a constant for you, if you shoot on Rodriguez you WILL get grease on you. Deal with it!

Robert Langham said...

Oh yeah. The same old 100 year old grease!

Anonymous said...

Is this the Camp Perry down near Rio Hondo, Texas? I used to go there every summer for Boy Scout camp.