Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The cheapest item on Commercial Row.

Springfield to the left of me, Winchester to the right.

Wandering the man-haul area of Camp Perry, Commercial Row, I chanced up on a small selection of Winchester Garand front sights. 20 bucks. That's kind of a deal. I think the Winchester front sights with their much wider ears are a better sight than the normal Springfields. Went back a bit later and got the bolt to tighten it down. .86 cents. That's the cheapest thing I bought at Camp Perry. Even the Bunny Bars cost a buck.
Those wide ears make me wonder if there wasn't a gay gun designer at the Winchester works. All for diversity.

Update: To move the Garand rear sight closer to the mechanical zero you just loosen the .86 cent bolt on the front sight and move it over.

Not finding a punchmark anywhere on this sight. It's slightly more than 3/4 inches wide on top.


Anonymous said...

Who was the vendor? Most of those I saw were pretty beat up or not Winnies.

E. Lawrence

Robert Langham said...

Fulton Armory. They had a little box marked Win. Getting some feedback that the really wide ones might be very late IHCs as well. I always heard Winchester, and they were the earliest wide eared sights.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I'll give them a call. IIRC Duff's book said that the Win and IHC were pretty close as to the width, but that the Win has a punch mark in one of the bottom corners. I have one like it on my old DCM mixmaster but want to leave it there for sentimental reasons and pick up another for my JCG rifle with a Win receiver.

E. Lawrence