Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday, Sept 23, 2014,

Making runs to the lake almost every day so they are getting fed twice as often.  They are sucking it up.
Looking in tree for Bigfoot.  Somehow I missed some frames.  Not much corn down and this was first on the card.  Corn was put out at 1:34 the previous day.  Not much left in this frame.  Cameras must not be running all the time though they are set on the 3-shot burst a minute apart.

Armadillo crossing.  Probably a young female.  The males get a lot bigger.  Need her for a photo.

Doe and twins come through.  Fawns almost have lost spots.

One of the little bucks.  Four-point.

Corn down today at 4:38.

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Old NFO said...

They still look awfully skinny...