Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Daily Deercam, Sept 10, 2014.

Just before the Muslims attack again, here's what is on the first shake out of the cam at the lakehouse.

Might be a little buck.  See those bumps?  Still spotted.  Very late fawn.

Mom and fawns.  One of our old experienced does.  

These does haven't been shot at in 50 years, so whatever the maximum medial age for does in fairly good range conditions is....that's how old they average.

Watching the new blind up the hill.  It's going to need more cover.

Daytime.  One of the fawns lays down in the sun.

They are starting to eat just in time.  She's a little skinny.

Related to a buck I shot in 2012 I think.  

Little year and a half buck.

Lotta aiming black on a pig.

Same little buck as above.

With a spike friend.

Note the time stamp here and below.  He must have heard me at the house.

Re-corned.  They know it's there now.  Action will probably pick up.

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