Monday, September 15, 2014

Daily Deercam, Sept 15, 2014.

Skinny deer shedding their summer coats and going grey.  They are sucking up the corn, quick.  Surprised to see how ribby they are.  Plenty of just shredded fields with new growth close, plenty of open water, creek bottom, et.  Still they look undernourished.  I don't think we are over-capacity on the range unless the pigs are pushing them somehow.

I put the corn out within the hour and they are on it....

...and by 5:00 it is nearly all gone.  3/4s of a gallon.

Spike checks by to see if the corn fairy has visited.

...and checks.....

Just put another 3/4 of a gallon down at 1:00 on the 15th.  I bet some deer is on it right now.

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