Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Daily Deercam, Sept 17, 2014

First possum on cam, though I edited him.  Chucacabra came by.  Otherwise I haven't seen any deer except all the deer I saw on the first day.  There is a doe and two fawns and two little bucks who are hanging out together.  No big pig today though he has been pretty reliable after midnight.  Thinking about moving a protein feeder tube that is just a few yards away over to the site.  Gotta finish sealing up the blind on the back side.

Corn down at 1:00.  By 2:20 they are on it.

Eating straight through to 7:30+

Corn gone by 7:43.  Holy smokes.

Coons sniffing around.


Always wonder what they are looking at.


Corn down today at 11:45.  I bet they are circling in right now.

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