Monday, February 11, 2013

Welcome to Blackfork

Thanks to Sayuncle, I'm having a big hit day.  Welcome to Blackfork.  In general I make my own content, though I do link stuff that I'm interested in now and then: cavemen, dead folks, mass extinction.  Hope you will bookmark me and check back now and then.
  Every year I blog the battle of the Alamo.  That's about to commence.  I have another blog over at Robert Langham, which is mostly concerned with photography.  Youtube Channel is: Blackfork 6.  Lotta Highpower Rifle shooting going on over there plus large format photography and deerskull boiling.  Enjoy and thanks for coming by!


Anonymous said...

Ah, Buck Soup.

rid of tonsil stones said...

i'll be watching out for your posts. more power. :)