Saturday, February 2, 2013

Panola in February

The weather was spectacular for a February match.  Cloudless and 48 in the morning with very little wind.  As we shot our way back through the 50-shot course of fire the wind picked up a bit, coming over the pit berm and straight up the range.  The mirage at 600 was tricky and switching but didn't have much value.  30+ folks shooting with some great scores.  Justin Utley shot a 495X18 with Service Rifle.

  I shot my match rifle- an AR Spacegun in .223 for the last time this Spring.  Nice bright sunlight so I turned the back aperture down to sharpen up the sight picture.  Had it about as small as I ever have.  Struggled with the first 10 shots at 600 and ruined a good score.  484X14 overall.  Really fun rifle to shoot. It's very well behaved.  Shot Berger 82s at 600.

Karl Schultz and Clay Hefner in the pits putting a 300 yard target face on.

Keith Stephens gluing a target face.

Hefner and Utley in the pits.

John Rhynard and Randy Nash talk it over in the pits.  John cleaned 600 with 10Xs.

Utley.  Laid back.  With his mind on his money.

Mitchell Hogg at 600.

Space-gunning at 600.  Ended with a 484X14.

Mitchell Hogg doing some paperwork.

600 yard berm with Rusty Hogg on this end.

Our favorite Emily Hogg at 600.

The elk-murdering David Keys getting ready to go to his happy place.

Post-match at the Jalapeno Tree.

Several new folks, all welcome.  Most folks shooting those evil black rifles that make politicians cry.  Nobody hurt or killed and no bullets left the range.  I just iphoned it, no real camera but very easy shooting.  Great day to be a Texan.


Earl said...

Thanks for shooting, the pictures and the targets were hits!

Old NFO said...

Sounds like a great day, and yes it's GOOD to be an American!

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