Friday, February 8, 2013

New Shooters.

Glock 19 9mm.  Standard pistol that anyone ought to be able to operate.

  Thursday, I took two women to the range to do a little pistol intro class before they went to a CHL session early next month. I had texted them the 4 rules to gun safety and told them they had to memorize them before beginning.   The day before they had made a run around town to pick up targets and bullets and make teenaged salesmen show them Glock 19s but there was no 9mm or .38 Special at Walmart, Academy, Porters or Gander Mountain of Geese.   And no Glock 19s.  Amazing.  This is Texas.  As one of them said: this wasn't an ordinary shopping run.  Crazy times.

   First stop was at Dairy Queen to talk a little firearm safety and politics, plus Texas and Federal gun law then out to the main pistol pit at 31 West Range.  They had both shot pistols and shotguns, hunted deer and birds and one of them owned not one, but two pistols, (both girl-guns someone had gotten her: a Smith & Wesson airweight with lazer grips and a Walther PPK in .380.)  We shot the Smith and Wesson K22 and a Colt Diamondback in .38 Special, then my venerable Ruger Mk I target model and a Glock 19. They shot groups, worked on technique and had me talking front sight, trigger and natural point of aim whiel they knocked over some steel men.  For the final I ran them through the CHL qual course with the .22s.  They both shot perfect scores.  I think they have actually decided to skip the CHL, due to the fact that they can put pistols in their consoles in their cars and spend more money on pistols and shooting.  It was very empowering few hours.

  The owner of the airweight decided to relegate it to strictly car duty.  We shot it, the lazer worked about half the time and the grip was painful.  Jumpy pistol with .38 cal.  .45 would shoot smoother.  Hard to keep it on target with the awful trigger pull.

  I worked so constantly that I forgot to take even one picture.  We had a great time.  This is what the political elite has always hated: armed citizens who love their arms.


Old NFO said...

Thanks for taking the time Robert! Good teaching =SAFE shooters!!!

Earl said...

Thank you for taking time to make us all safer, especially the ladies.

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