Sunday, May 6, 2012

Panola NRA Regional Weekend.

Jim Booker's rifle.  Booker is our token cannibal as we celebrate diverse peoples.  Clay says he will eat Jim's famous hat if Obama is re-elected.

James Pennington becomes the undisputed winner of the Big-Ass Hat contest.

Kyle gets his game face on.

Emily Hogg keeps her game face on.

  Doug Girard/Em Hogg rifles.  Doug got LEG points today, sits at 28.

Jesus sandals make a rare appearance on the firing line.

Everything cropped out of this photo is David Keys.

James Pennington in his normal-ass hat.

Our favorite Roger Lankford....first leather in the leg match.  Again.  He's having a coat made with the hair inside.

Match Director Ken Gaby surveys the scene.  Big crowds all days.  Five relays on the Regional day.

Morely Obed from New Mexico.

One of the heavily-armed Cagel children.

Buffalo John Zuback ready for prone rapid.

Nez Rongero stretched out with his M1A.  Nez went distinguished long ago with three consecutive LEG Match wins.  His badge number is 1234.

DO NOT attempt this at home: These are professionals on a closed course:  Bailey Fairchild watusi-ed up for prone rapid.  Bailey was the TOP non-Distinguished.  28 points.  At 600 she shot a seven, three nines....and cleaned it the rest of the way.

Feats of Strength:  Some young whippersnappers challenged Dave Wilson to a pull-up contest and the best they could manage was a weak draw.  Advantage: Dave @ 21 pull-ups.

James can almost do as many pull ups as someone twice his age.  Plus a little more.  That's the pistol LEG match, (29 non-distingushed shooters, three legs), in the background.

Can you believe they didn't put THESE GUYS on Top Shot? 
The employable Mitchell Hogg.

Conrad Myrick and Izzy.

Lauren Lecren.  Shooting a little better every match.

Alan Wilson scoring.

Rare view of Roger Sepaugh from the International Space Station.

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