Sunday, April 29, 2012

Range time with The Sneed

The Good Doctor drove up so we could shoot his new elk-killing 7mm Mag, (Rem 700), work on his stick positions, et.  We went out to 31 West which is in better shape than ever.

Sneed focusing his bank account.

  I boresighted his 7mm.  He's got a scopoliscious 8-25 or so Swarowski on it.  First shot went in right over the 10 ring at 100 yards. (First round ever through the rifle.)  As the bore got a little bullet grease it came down into the X-ring.  Never touched it for even a quarter-minute click.  Pretty close bore-sighting.

Justin Burn's baby.  I'm all for folks loaning firearms, I do it myself, often.

Next we bore-sighted Justin Burn's baby, a 1903 A4 built for the Vintage Sniper Match at Camp Perry.  Justin is going to London.  I'm babysitting.  Alan Long had donated a little match 30-06.  Had to move the rear sight base but got it very close on first shot.  Have to decide if I am using the top of the post for the aiming point, or the crosshairs under the post.  Got it zeroed and shot 10 rounds including some prone.  Going to require a cheek piece to get comfortable head position.

Sneed on the A4.

  Sneed kept shooting and I fired 10 rounds offhand with my AR.

Offhand.  94X3.  Shot an 8.

  Fired my .45 at 100 yards at a silhouette I had patched up and had 15 hits for 15 shots.  Video.

100 yards with a Les Baer .45.

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Earl said...

Hold on the neck at 100 yds with a pistol. Nice video and shooting.