Tuesday, May 29, 2012

TSRA Calendar shoot.

I've really enjoyed shooting the calendar at the Saunders Corps of Cadets Center at A&M these past few years, but this year we shot at a local restaurant that has a big collection on the walls.  Dr. Sneed came up to assist along with Jackson and we knocked off 10 shots in a short day.  Location was just three miles from my house.  Happy to have new guns but also a bunch of new backgrounds to work with.  Borrowed a Nikon D3 to shoot and mostly used one soft box and a white card for reflector.

Just out of the frame it's clamp and tape hell.

Side-hammer guns.

Slightly different take on side-hammers.

  An inset on one of the black powder guns.


  Dr. Sneeds dad's Airforce S&W.

  Luger, Sneeds Nazi dagger and a little Mauser.

Nambu and one of my theater-made knives from WWII

Cut down Detective Special.

Old guns on a blanket I bought near Shiprock years ago.

Common pistol.

Last shot of the day.  Derringers on the end of an old trunk.  One light and a card, plus I had to stand on an apple box to get up with a short telephoto.

Cranked along.  I started with the hardest set-ups first and worked to the easy ones by the late afternoon.  The guns are currently being ID-ed.  Going to add a few I already had on hand.  Hope to get one more years shoot out of this location.             

Glad to get this project done as it is adding up to a very busy summer.  


Old NFO said...

Beautiful pics Robert, and I envy your ability to get to shoot these pieces of history!

Adam said...

Is there a place online where one can buy this calendar once it's ready? I'd love to have one for my office.

Anonymous said...

Great bunch of guns.
I take gun pics from time to time.
Really need to buy, or make, a box.

Robert Langham said...

TSRA site will have them by the mid-fall for 10.00. Texas State Rifle Association.

Theresa said...

Beautiful pictures indeed! Thanks for sharing those wonderful pieces of history. I have to say you have one great collection out there. Do you have something along the lines of the Best Hunting Knife for hunting? I have been trying to come up with my own along that vein only knives.