Saturday, May 19, 2012

First Barred Owl chick standing in the door.

   Biggest and oldest chick.  The biggest tend to get even MORE food and get bigger.  The last-born can starve to death or get eaten by the others.

500mm Nikon mirror lens.  Old film cam lens I bought in perfect shape.  Great time to try it out.  Had to run the ISO up to 3200 and it wasn't enough.

Mom standing by waiting for the tourists to clear out.  Might be the mate behind her.

I figured we would see the first-born chick sooner or later....and there he was.  Barred Owls.  Very common in this ecosystem.

  Last few years we have followed the Screech Owls as they hatched out and dispersed.  Missing them this year- they picked another knothole, but these guys have been in evidence all Spring.

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Old NFO said...

Very nice pics, and survival of the fittest starts early!