Monday, April 23, 2012

Tyler Gunshow, April, 2012

Tyler Gunshow this last weekend.  It's grown again into a two-room extravaganza.  There is some fluff stuff, jerky, hunting leases and jewelry mixed in, but not much.  It's mostly guns.
  There aren't many deals floating around.  I did pick a Garand bayonet that has spent a year away being reparked after I bought it on Ebay.  (Now what am I going to do with it?  Might put it on the Garand when we stack them at Camp Perry and go to the pits during the National Matches.)  The guy next to my friends finally sold his Vetterli Rifle.  (I always had a bit of lust for an early Vetterli for the wood and the checkering.)  I put a P17 up for sale and sold a scoped Anschutz that had lurked around in my closet for a long time.  There was an old sporterized 1903 Springfield still laying on a table: 350.00.  I've got a weakness for old rifles but can resist until they mark it down to 150, then I am going to resist some more.  Who needs a 30-06 with a 4-power Weaver on it anyway?  The most interesting rifle in the world, a 1941 Johnson Automatic, made an appearance.  Parts gun, though he said it was original.  7500.00.  Ha.
  Couple of beautiful Krags in original form.  A Russian target pistol in .22 short.  Quite an education and very calming to walk around that many good people looking at that many guns.

  Saw folks I was glad to see, got a little consulting done on a couple of items.  Good show.


Old NFO said...

Good news, and yeah, prices are STILL a bit high on stuff like the Johnson and O3-A3.

Paul said...

Yea but when this guy asked $600 for his blued Ruger Speed Six .357 and another guy asked $900 for his S&W 66 (no dash) 2 1/2 .357 I have to say they take the fun out of gun shows.

Gun wise I didn't see a deal out there. And the ammo? Heck I can order it on-line cheaper than that. Just got over 2000 124gr FMJ slugs off the net.