Saturday, December 8, 2012

Show open.

Nicely hung show.  25 prints were well-presented.  Sold five.  Up through March.  Celebrated today by taking down my Omega D3 5X7 enlarger and Dr. Sneed and I installed the column and head of the Zone VI 5X7 I bought out of Washington State.  The electrics are still being shipped but it looks like it's going to work fine.  Lots of coverage for the negative, really a 6X9.  Enjoyed the old D3.  Maybe I can find it a good home.

Sold a copy of this to Robin and Roger Lankford.  Pretty nice print.

Dr. Sneed and Scott Campbell talking in front of The Dot.

Michael Morse along the gallery wall.  

Dr Sneed and some fabulous redhead at dinner.


Old NFO said...

Glad it's going well Robert! And good food, good folks just makes it all even better!

Mr.B said...

How much for the print?