Saturday, November 10, 2012

Windy Saturday.

  It's a Saturday war-zone out there.  Duck guns thundering off to the West on Lake Palestine, 10 rapid fire shots off a hillside down the creek.  Five shots here, more over there.  I don't think anyone is hitting anything but always happy when folks shoot.  I probably hear 100 rounds of just rifle and pistol fire in within a half mile radius.  300 rounds of shotgun over on the lake.  Last night coming off the coyotes tuned it up just across the power line.  Sounded like 30 but probably only three or four.  They certainly can sing.

  Decoy/buck spray/ratting here but no takers.  About nine two big does and a yearling fawn come through.  The lead doe spots the decoy and circles around on the hillside trying various vantage points.  Good looking animals and absolutely quiet.  After they are gone I ride the tree in the wind, like a ship at anchor and eat apricots and nuts.  Finally come off about 10.  Wind still building.  Rain forecast tomorrow.

Two little bucks together back in the brush.

A nice buck, but not quite a trophy eating my corn.

Little bucks trying to figure it out.

Mature doe.  All alone.

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