Monday, November 5, 2012

Daily Deercam.

Spent the morning rattling for deer in the creek bottom.  No takers.  A doe and yearling fawn were in the side yard when I drove in, then I got snorted at when I came across the powerline at the creek crossing.  After that, just pileated woodpeckers.  Had the decoy up.  Nothing on the cams on this end.  Hmm.  They are there, or they couldn't snort.

Little local buck.  His first year to really see the rut going on.  He's not quite legal.  Hope that saves him!

Bobcat hunting mice at the corn pile.

Looks like a little leopard in the flash.  To the eye they are very grey and brown.

Deer and coons do NOT get along.

Four deer.  I've run this cam position so long that most of these were fed in the womb.  

Armadillo.  God knows.

Same buck as file number 1.

The other local.  First year for horns.

Time is way off of the cam clock.  Try to remember to fix it.  This was this morning around 8:00 I would think.

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