Friday, July 30, 2010

They might be Rednecks.

Heavily armed diversity: We have Louisianan Tommy with us.

He might be a Redneck: Clay with six, seven, eight or ten rifles in the hotel.

Don't try this at home. Crossing the Mississippi in the rain. Worth at least one verse in a C/W song.

Rick driving and driving and driving. 800+ miles on this first day.

Traffic on the bridge between Missouri and Tennessee.

Sitting in the cab of Rick's truck crossing the Mississippi at 70 mph. The Texas team just upheld the tradition of never eating a good meal in Arkansas, turned north to cross the bootheel of Missouri, ('s a bootheel) and headed for the land of Davy Crockett. We aren't stopping today at Dixie Gun Works, but there it is just as we jog North to the Purchase Parkway.
Nice to travel the continent, especially when Rick insists on driving the whole way. I just navigate, talk on the radio a little and catnap. Where's my drink?

Night-time in LaQuinta land in Louisville. Dayton Ohio tomorrow for the Air Force Museum. Texans scattered all over the interstate system heading North.

Karl says: get all your gear!

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smith kaich jones said...

god, this made me feel good. i am in a very texas frame of mind tonight. i recommend a little robert earl keen.