Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Robert VanGene

Tough 80 year old from last year at Camp Perry. Robert and I shared a firing point and a rifle during the M1A match. He loaned me his M1A when the one I borrowed wouldn't feed ammo. Hope he is back this year. He was from Minnesota or Michigan.


Earl said...

Looks like a great fellow to know, hope he is there to take care of someone again.

Robin said...

I'm staying off of his lawn.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I know Bob! I was just wondering what happened to him. Can you put me in contact with him? Ask him if he remembers Ben Jonjak, I was along with him and a bunch of Australians in Italy and Germany to do the Marcialonga and Konig Ludwig Lauf back in 1998 or so. Here's my email:
cyclovaxc at gmail.com