Saturday, July 31, 2010


Been getting a Gore-chapping 13 mph pulling the trailer through the hills, 14 mph on the flats. There is enough ammo and rifles in there to break the siege of the Alamo, so its a load. Backed up the trailer doors to another truck last night for extra security. I have seven rifles with me with a couple already there that are coming home. NM AR15, Infantry Trophy AR15, Garand, Springfield 1903, Swiss K31 for the Vintage and a Match Rifle AR for the NRA Championships. Fondly remember the first time I came with one AR and a couple hundred rounds of ammo....ten years ago.

Dress has gotten a little more casual. Alan Wilson accused me of having my Dad's shirt on- a Patagonia short-sleeved that Katie bought me in Austin. The label says its hemp, though as far as I can tell its recycled grocery bags or something. I wish I had a couple of my Dad's shirts. I'd wear 'em.

Watching Jeff Lin, the cardiac surgeon botch extracting a waffle from the waffle iron. I don't think the patient is going to make it. Travel is tough.

Karl Says: Fine Dining!


Jerry said...
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Jerry said...

Hopefully that is mpg and not mph or it is going to be one long ride to Ohio.

Old NFO said...

Jerry beat me to it... :-) Hauling a 'load' does drop the MPG significantly!!!