Thursday, June 10, 2010

13-Club Lake Destruction

Epic freshwater mussels. These are smallish.

Dam in the background.

Bass that didn't make good decisions.

Overtopped and cut.

Upstream from the boathouse.

I don't use the lake much, but that doesn't mean I don't expect it to BE there. The lake upstream had a dam failure during an epic rainstorm today. (13 inches). Our dam failed when the water overtopped it.
I walked the muck looking at stranded little perch who headed for the edges when the current picked up and Boone and Crockett sized fresh water mussels, many of which were trying to drag themselves to the water 50 yards away. Since I'm a fool, I spent a little time tossing them in. Also a struggling salamander. Several stranded big fish and assorted bottles, batteries, anchors, gear on the bottom.
Spillway is intact. I'm assuming we will repair and rebuild. 15 shareholders on the lake, most of them residents.

Update: I'm a big fan and supporter and most of the time he does a hell of a job. Sometimes though, I think God drinks.


Old NFO said...

Sorry to hear that Robert, and those water hammers PROVE water is not compressible...

David said...

That is sad to see, Robert, but the photos are so cool. When else do we get to see what the bottom of the lake looks like?

Anonymous said...

Robert: I doubt he drinks. More likely he is just checking to see if we're still paying attention.