Sunday, September 21, 2008

Shotgun Idiocy

  Now comes Joe Biden to pray for relief from the court of union opinion...and tell us why our guns are safe, safe, safe.....from Obama. say the SHOT guns are safe.  From Obama and the gun-phobic Democrats.  For sporting clays.  That's right.  A political party of LAWYERS.  Better check the fine print.

  Because the Second Amendment is about open, empty shotguns and Sporting Clays don't you know?  Not those death-dealing handguns or those plainly useless for civilian assault rifles and um....any other weapons.

  Hhhaaaaaaaaaccck.  Ptioooeeeeeeeeee!

 The NRA encourages this with all their "PC" official photos of folks with shotguns broken over their shoulders.  Even Heston used to fall for this one.  Cold dead hands indeed.

  Makes Sarah Palin seem like the only real man in the whole race....and she's not a man.

  Shotguns?  SHOTguns?  Bring me my 1911 and my AR15, you.....idiots!

1 comment:

rtn said...

Great point about the "PC" NRA with it's broken SHOTguns. And yeah, Palin's the only man among 'em (bless her pretty heart).

Great blog, great vids, thanks, and I hope you keep them coming.