Saturday, August 31, 2013

Longview Open Carry Walk.

  While we were politely and safely having a very respectful walk in Longview with our children and rifles, Obama was abolishing the Civilian Marksmanship Program.  133 folks came out to walk in support of Human Rights.

   Kind of get the sense that respectful walks aren't going to get it done.  We are walking and the Government is outlawing gun rights at the same time.

Kids like this going to grow up to be slaves of the state?

They aren't GOING to have to come and take them.  The IRS will send you a notice.

CMP Garand.  No more of these.

Glad to have young folks along.

And families.

Nice deer rifle.  Everyone should have one.  

Might turn out that the lust for freedom and liberty is a recessive gene.

Great attention to safety by some qualified folks.

We got the story on how these walks got organized- as a reaction to police over-reaction to legal activities. 

Info babe.  

Longview police didn't interfear.  I'm sure the NSA has our cell phone maps, records and our vehicle license plates were scanned so that any time in the future we can be ID-ed and dealt with.

Couple of office holders came out.  Thank God for them.  Most noticeably absent.

Carrying rifles in public was one of those loopholes that just never got addressed.  Only members of the 32+ police agencies in Gregg county can carry pistols openly in public in civilian clothes.  They don't have a problem with it.  Looks like the citizens could get that right back.  We can't wait for them to do the right thing will never happen.  Join the Texas State rifle Association!  They are the only folks who work for gun rights in Austin.


Old NFO said...

Great turnout and you're right, TSRA is the only ones working to get open carry! I truly hope y'all succeed!

Dean Weingarten said...

I think the organization Open Carry Texas is doing quite a bit to legalize open carry in Texas: