Sunday, September 2, 2012

Panola Highpower

Had an OK spots.  190X4 offhand.  Ruined a good score at 300 with error.  But I did manage a pretty good sitting score.

  Two strings of rapid fire at 200 yards.  First one was 100X6.  Second, after an alibi for a round that didn't feed was 100X7.  Combined score or 200X13.  I've shot a LITTLE better, but not much.

  I'd like to know the difference between the way it looked when I shot one in the middle and how it looked when I shot one out close to the 10 ring line.  They all looked about the same to me.  I think I did see the high shot in the second string on the right, but that was it.

  Hadn't touched my rifle since Perry.  Needed a little lube I think.  Alibis were the bolt not picking a round up on the second magazine.  Switched mags and had it happen again.  Pretty good set of mags, usually.

  25 folks.  First match since Camp Perry.


Anonymous said...

Could be your reloads unless you are weighing every charge (and most folks dont on shortline loads).

As for mags, if you changed mags and still have the problem maybe your upper isnt fitted as well as it could be. If your loads are super hot (over 25.5 gr of anything starting with a V with a 69 grain bullet) you might be wearing out your recoil spring. Try one of David Tubbs chrome-silicon springs. They have a great life and can compress better than the coiled spring that comes in our guns.

Your mileage may vary.

1lnbrdg said...

He fired a 200-13 sitting with an alibi. About the easiest alibi I've ever scored. The 2-shots were X's and then an alibi string that followed.

Good shooting!

Robert Langham said...

Maybe it is time for a new spring or two!

Robert Langham said...

Weighing every load, short and long.