Friday, September 7, 2012

CMP Gold Medal from the LEG Match at Camp Perry.

  Always glad to get them, though I have a few.  My score of 484X11 was 35th out of 1125 competitors.  Won the EIC Senior Trophy for it.  Springfield Bolt rifle Match I got a gold and was 7th overall with a 287X6.  Garand was a disaster for a silver medal. ( 95th place), with a 278X6.  Vintage was 11th with a 286X6 for a gold.  4th in the Garand/Springfield/Vintage aggregate, but 10 points overall behind the winner.  Needed a score in the Garand but my standing offhand was awful with the old rifles.  90 and two 86s.  And that's what happens.

  Texas Championship coming up next month at Terrell.  Get to shoot all the old rifles again plus M1 carbine and pistol.  We'll see.

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Old NFO said...

Still a nice collection!