Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Unbelievable Business of Being.

There's really no time to post about the day- right now we are tacking rifles and updating scorecards and arranging range food.  I'm with two of the best folks possible in this situation:Alan Long and Rol Coggins, and it still is difficult and complicated.

  We did NOT shoot the squadded practice, forgoing the wind and sunburn and five hours on the range and instead did prep all day for the matches, weighed triggers, shopped along Commercial Row, ate, shot airguns, attended a team meeting and generally tried to relax and BE HERE.  It took all day and most of the energy we had.

  So in the name of one photo being worth 1000 words, here's a few from the day.

Madman with an impossibly old and rare vintage rifle whose trigger wouldn't make weight.

Madmen in Black and White at The CMP Store.

Assorted Texans.  Katie Foster setting the basic standard for appearances, everyone else flunking.

Everything available on Commercial Row.

Em Hogg with an amatures rifle.

Shooting airguns in the big new airgun range.

Somehow, the team surprised me with this travel bag.  Even my Katie knew about it though I had not a clue.

  Picked the Silver TSRA teams for IT and Bullseye.  Tougher than you might think.  Trying to develop some new folks and let some absolutely top folks standing around.  

  In the Morning: President's 100.  1600 folks shooting 10 shots standing at 200 yards, 10 shots prone rapid at 300 yards and 10 shots prone slow fire at 600 yards.  It makes me feel sunburned just to think about it. 

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