Friday, July 27, 2012

Packing for Perry.

  Last pushups.  Last dry firing at the studio.  Last washer of clothes.  Last bit of ammo squirreled away.  I'm flying up tomorrow in a King Air, not driving.  Most of the Texans are convoyed up into Indiana tonight, probably at the regretfully named Effingham.

  I'm going to miss the twice-daily dryfiring tomorrow during travel day.  It's been fun.  I've really worked out my hold on all four rifles.  Today, on the last session, my 1903A4 quit firing.  Seems the stock screws had loosened.  Tightened them up and checked all the rifles and got it back in service.  The Garand had a loose gas plug.

  Funeral today at my old church, Pleasant Retreat Methodist, for Dennis Smith's mom.  In my shirt pocket I found a .223 round with a broken neck stuck on the end.  The shirt was freshly washed.  Must have worn it to a practice when we were breaking Infantry Trophy ammo cases.

  I'll be blogging all the way through Camp Perry.

  Hardly been on the range at all, except in my mind.  In my mind and dry firing, I have rarely been anywhere else.

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Bob said...

Good luck at Camp Perry.