Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tyler Gunshow, January 2012.

When I drove around the corner into the fairgrounds I thought that Obama had declared martial law and I had just missed it. The parking lot, which is considered crowded when it is half full, was nearly full to capacity. Today set a record for the folks who run the gunshow.
Inside it was the same. Shuffling room only. I wasn't really looking for anything, just going for the heck of it. It was heck.
Took a few bits and pieces back to sell through my friend Alan Bain. I need to sell a few rifles just so I can squeeze into my rifle space but I didn't take anything out.
What a crowd. I think Texans sense that the country is in real trouble and it is expressed in moments like this.

TSRA was running a booth. First time ever.


Old NFO said...

That seems to be the case at EVERY gun show these days Robert...

Paul said...

Well if you like $600+ scratched up S&W .357s and battered M1 Carbines for $900, plus tons of plastic guns, well it was a gun show.

I saw nothing I wanted except an old Spencer Carbine but I bet it wasn't as-issued.

Was at Big Town last week or two and they had Ruger Security Six revolver for, hahahaha, $650 bucks. Smoking crack that dealer must have been.

I go more and more to the internet for order slugs and primers these days.