Friday, January 6, 2012

Start of the long season....

First rifle match of the year and the first shot fired in competition for me since the TSRA Garand/Springfield/Vintage/Pistol Leg match in October. I hunt deer through the fall and take a break. Ready to roll but it's a long trail with a lotta Sierra MatchKings sent downrange through NEXT October.

Season kind of runs from here,(with a trip to Houston for the NRA Regional weekend), to the Mid-Range Championship at Camp Swift in March, then the Highpower Rifle Championship in April, Panola in Early May, slight break with a lot of communication, work and practice until Camp Perry for 10 days, then the Service Rifle Championship back at Swift and finishing with the October TSRA Garand/Vintage weekend. Panola matches every month. TSRA Convention weekend in February.

I'll shoot Match Rifle through the High Power Championship, then switch to AR15 for the run-up to Camp Perry and the CMP National Matches. I've been loading 69 Sierra and have 500 rounds ready to go. Still working on LR ammo, so might be a little tweaking to be done. Changing to Bergers...probably, maybe.

Big treat tomorrow to have Evan Hess at the range with us. Get to catch up on his trip to Afganistan, Georgia news, wife and the girls, et.

Going to really miss Rick Crawford this year.

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Old NFO said...

Enjoy and shoot em good Robert!