Thursday, April 21, 2011

4:00 Wake-up, Sam Sleeps in.

Map of the battleground. Notice the small grove of trees where the one Mexican cannon, the "Golden Standard" was positioned yesterday during the skirmish.

A freedman named "Dick" beats reveille on a drum at 4:00 and gets the Texan camp awake. Houston has left orders not to be disturbed and sleeps through it. General Cos rides in with about 450 men at 9:00, over Vince's bridge, the only good way in and out of the battleground. The Mexicans now have more men, giving the Mexicans a 1,200 to 900 edge.

Houston sends Deaf Smith and Henry Lane around behind Santa Anna's camp to get a rough count of troops and observe their disposition. Smith and Lane sit on their horses 300 yards back while Deaf counts tents with a telescope. The Mexicans send a company after them and they are forced to run.

Back at the Texan Camp Houston gets the information and sends Smith and six others to burn Vince's Bridge to prevent more reinforcements. At noon officers gather to demand a plan of action from Houston. Are they standing firm in the oaks and waiting for an attack or attacking?

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