Monday, April 12, 2010

TSRA Mid Range Championship

Smiling David Guthrie and his AR15.

Serious shooting at 600 yards.

Girl Power: Bailey Fairchild at 600.

Sierra Scott at 600 yards.

AR in the F-Class line.

My favorite photo of Ray Diaz.

F-Class shooters at 500 yards.

Guard shooters on day Saturday. We had them training with us for one day.

Jose Neira and daughter Karina.

Firing line at 300. Ray Diaz and his M1A on the end.

Keith Stephens won the Iron Sight overall match with a 1193X73. 73 Xs out of 120 shots. Very well adminstered match as usually with Gaby and Crawford. David Mann was the F-Class Champion with a 1195X77.


Rabbit said...

I'm going to have to get a new jacket and get out there again. Y'all are having too much fun, and my 6700 isn't nearly well-enough broken in.

I wonder if your second photo in this series would be as well-accepted in northeastern urbane crowds as it is here? Showed it to Wife, and the first thing she noticed was the nice spotting scope and the hat badges.


Old NFO said...

Good pics, and looks like a good time! I'd have loved to have been there for the F600 match.

Earl said...

Thank you for the pictures. Nice event, and the weather looked good.