Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shooting ARs

Telephoto view of Karl.

Wide of Josh Schaundt.

Wide angle, Schlaundt.

Wideangle, Schultz.

I hadn't shot since October. Good to burn a little Varget and see the sights. Larry Schimmerhorn is working on a design for a couple of the upcoming matches and had me take some photos of the guys shooting prone at 600. I got clearance from the line officer and shot Karl Schultz and Josh Schlaudt during the prep period. No ammo in the guns.

All at the Panola County Gun Club.

Update: A link from Sayuncle with cooresponding bump in traffic! Thanks as always!


Jerry said...

You mean that you can shoot an AR without a ton of "Tacti-Cool" junk hanging off of it?

Old NFO said...

Nice pics :-) I notice they were all still off angle :-)

tomcatshanger said...

No Tacti-Cool junk Jerry, just gamer junk things like National Match sights and hidden Free Float hand guards, and don't forget extra heavy barrels without muzzle devices, one in Stainless!

You even have to mill the sling swivel off the front sight base and use one stuck on the float tube.

Will no one save us from firearms accessories?

Or, perhaps, would people stop bitching about tools that people use on their rifles?

Pretty Please? Stop with the whining about the accessories people buy and use would ya?

Anonymous said...

Yes one can shoot an AR without extras and accessories. Remember, soldiers have been doing so since they were issued in VietNam ;-)

And to everyone else,
My feelings about accessories: If it floats your boat, and helps you (think) you're a better shooter, then go for it. If it helps someone else create a business and jobs and earn money, go for it. It's all win-win. But I personally don't go for it/them. Just sayin, just me.

Happy shooting! Actually, I'm jealous, because you're having fun while I have to work to pay my bills, with nothing left over for fun - for now, anyway.

B Woodman