Sunday, May 3, 2015

Panola Regional Match Photos, May 2, 2015.

Lot of effort to throw a party this big from prepping the range on a work day, rebuilding all the targets to calling the line, Match Directing the paper, scorecards, handling the results line by line, handing out awards, sending in results and handling the money.  Match Director Dave Wilson, (and Phylis), David Keys calling the line, Ken Gaby working results and many more helping hands made it look smooth and effortless.  All the competitors had to do was show up and shoot.  Big thanks owed for the efforts of the few on behalf of the many.  Panola in Texas in May is the best place to shoot.....anywhere.

Because of the good early sunlight, we started at 600.  Ben Brooks scoring.

Mike Larkin

Rusty Hogg.

Tom Ayers.

John Jebaby.

Big Brother is watching...and keeping score.  Tony Miller at 600.

Wayne Nunn in his first visit to Panola on the end of the line.

Jim Booker and his hat shoot at 600.

Keith Stephens.

Dan Pate.

Katie Davis waiting on her relay.

John Zuback on his way to a Grand Master medal.

There's one in every crowd...or should be.  Garand on the line at 600.

Seeking adult supervision.  Mark Turner and Ron Leraas hanging out.

Mike Larkin with second breakfast.

Rol Coggins on target 1.

Izzy, Kyle, Jeff Lin.

Keith Stephens working offhand.

Greg Foster.

John Rhynard with the feather of an unlucky crow....for good luck.

The swashbucking Randy Scheibel plots a shot.

Lee Eldrige making his bones.

Utley being Utley.

John Ilzheofer.

Rol Goggins and his full-length rifle.

Firing offhand at 200.

Coggins running his bolt gun at 300 prone.

Keith Stephens.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Scheibel, Ilzhoefer, Kyle, Clay, Lin, Stephens, Buddy. Schultz.

Buddy 3rd, Utley 2nd, Stephens 1st.


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Very nice, and congrats to the winners!

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