Wednesday, October 23, 2013

TSRA Highpower Rifle Championship at Bayou Rifles, Pearland, Texas, October, 2013

Images from the TSRA Highpower Championship at Bayou Rifles in October, 2013.

Sam Houston State University Bearcats came ready to play.

Lauren LeCren on Team Day.

Tony Miller firing on Team Day, Friday.

Izzy firing on Team Day.

Hefner interfering with smooth team functioning on Team Day....but mostly for his own team.

Col. Don Tryce.

Ben Brooks belts out the Star Spangled Banner.

The traditional blowing up of something to start the Highpower Championship.

Clayton Rogers drinking smart water to no effect.

Laurin and the first six feet of Clayton Rogers in the pits.

Target marking.

Clyton misunderstanding his hat.

SHSU Bearkats.

Zeke, Texan and US Citizen in the pits.

Laurin in the pits.

Clayton and James.

The casual Clayton Rogers.

Laurin getting rich off target operations.

Rogers on the firing line.

Bag of gun.

Visualizing being dead.

Line functions while the weather threatens.

Overhead view of the Fairchild.

Rainout on Sunday.

Unarmed junior shooters and Laurin.

TSRA Highpower Champ Randy Scheibel.  777.

Junior awards.

SHSU Bearkat team.

Bailey deploying High Master class hair.

Ken Gaby and Karl ran a smooth match.  Bayou Rifles did a great job hosting.


Old NFO said...

Congrats to all the winners, and great pics, thanks Robert!

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